Each player controls a different character in the game and each character has certain unique Special Abilities that can be used during the game. The characters move around the board, normally by rolling a die, but sometimes by the use of Spells or as a result of special events on the board.

Characters can encounter another Character in the Space they land in or they can choose to follow the instructions on the space.

In the 4th edition of Talisman the following characters are available for playing:

Character Starting Alignment Strength Craft
Assassin City Evil 3 3
Druid Forest Neutral 2 4
Dwarf Crags Neutral 3 3
Elf Forest Good 3 4
Ghoul Graveyard Evil 2 4
Minstrel Tavern Good 2 4
Monk Village Good 2 3
Priest Chapel Good 2 4
Prophetess Chapel Good 2 4
Sorceress Graveyard Evil 2 4
Toad (*) Same as Character Same as Character 1 1
Thief City Neutral 3 3
Troll Crags Neutral 6 1
Warrior Tavern Neutral 4 3
Wizard Graveyard Evil 2 5

(*) special character

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