Craft covers such aspects as intelligence, wisdom and magical ability. It´s a Character´s main asset in Psychic Combat and determines how many Spells he may have. A Character´s Craft is recorded by placing appropriate Craft Counters (blue) beside the Character´s Card.

Craft Counters are only taken from the Character´s Starting Craft and for those gained during play. Craft gained from Magic Objects and Followers is not recorded by Craft Counters but is added to the Character´s Craft when required or allowed.

Losing Craft

When a Character is required to lose Craft, Counters are removed accordingly.

A Character´s Craft can never drop below that Character´s Starting Craft.

Gaining Craft

A Character may gain Craft by cashin in any Spirits he has defeated in Combat. When any of these are Encountered and killed, that Character keeps those Enemy Cards. They may be exchanged at any time for extra Craft Counters. The Character gains 1 extra Craft point for every 7 points of Craft marked on those Enemy Cards. The Enemy Cards thus exchanged are then placed on the Adventure Card Discard Pile. Excess Craft Points of the Enemies above a multiple of 7 are lost.

Character´s Total Craft

A Character´s Craft at any time is the total of Craft Counters plus any Craft gained from any Followers and Magic Objects that may be used at that time.

Number of Spells

The number of Spells that any Character can have at any one time is limited by the Character´s Craft as follows:

Character´s Total Craft 1 2 3 4 5 6+
Maximum No 0 0 1 2 2 3

All Characters may acquire and use Spells, if their Craft is sufficient to permit this. Only those Characters whose Special Abilities allow them to start the game with Spells do so. Otherwise, Spells are usally acquired as result of Encounters.

If at anytime a Character has more Spells than their Craft allow, the surplus Spells must be immediately be placed on the Spell Discard Pile. They cannot be cast. The Character chooses which Spells to discard.

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